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Frequently Asked Questions


Submitting & Editing a Property


Is an estate agent? And can I use if I already have a sole agency contract with an Estate Agent? is merely a website providing a publishing service. This means that ordinarily you can advertise your property with an estate agent and at the same time without conflicting your sole agency contract. If you are in any doubt, we advise that you check your sole agency contract and, if necessary, take independent legal advice.

A sole agency contract should only stipulate that the estate agent has "sole agency rights" to sell your property. This means that you are prevented from using another estate agent but you can sell your property privately without owing the estate agents any fee. So seeing as is not an estate agent, you can sell your property on our website without incurring any estate agents fees.

Tip: Make sure that any sole agency contract you sign with an estate agent only gives them "sole agency rights" and not "sole selling rights". If they try to insist on "sole selling rights" whereby you can not sell privately without paying them a fee, then our advice is not to use them.
How much does it cost to advertise my property?
All you pay is a one off listing fee of £250 per property. There is no commission to pay on any sale.
How much money can I save?
Seeing as our only charge is a £250 listing fee the answer is lots! Most agents charge commission on the sale in the region of 1% to 3% of the sale price. So the savings we offer are enormous.
You can also view a more detailed comparison.
How do I pay for my advert?
Our preferred method of payment is via PayPal which is the quickest and safest way to pay. However if users prefer, they can request our bank details and send the money from their bank (via online banking/phone banking etc). Or we will accept cheques too. Please note that your property details will not appear on the website until we have cleared funds from you in our account. So PayPal is by far the quickest method.

If paying by cheque, please send it (made payable to "AuctionYourProperty Ltd" and with the address of the property you are submitting written on the back) to:

3 Belgrave Gardens
St Johns Wood
London NW8 0QY
How do I find what I'm looking for?
By clicking on "properties for sale" on the menu bar, you will at first be taken to a full list of all the properties coming up for auction as well as those that are for sale but not being auctioned. If you would like a more detailed search this can be done by clicking "advanced search" and filling in the boxes.

If you are looking for rental properties then click on "properties for rent" on the menu bar.
Why didn't my search turn up any matches?
Your search criteria may have been too narrow and therefore there were no direct matches. Go back to the search form and leave more of the search fields blank. To see all the properties from the advanced search page, leave all the search fields blank and press "find properties".
How do I navigate the search results page?
You can quickly re-sort your results by clicking on the small blue arrows above the top property (you can sort by auction date, where appropriate, or by price).
How do I see the full details for a particular advert?
Simply click on the "Click for more details" link or the photo box.
How do I contact someone who has posted an advert?
On every property advert, the seller has chosen which of their contact details to display.
How do I submit a property?
Firstly, you must be a registered user and logged in to submit a property.

Click on "submit your property" in the menu bar. Next, choose which category you wish to submit your property into. You will then be taken to the "Add a Property" page. Complete the form by filling in the required fields and uploading your photos. You can add or edit any details after submitting. When you have filled out the form, click on the "Add Property" button. You will then be taken to the payment screen. Once you have paid, your property will be submitted to for a thorough checking of the content.
When does my advert appear on the website?
Once we have received payment (and it has cleared if cheques or bank transfer), and vetted the advert, it will then appear on the website.
How do I edit my advert once it is online?
Simply log in to your account and find the property you wish to edit. Click on "edit". Amend the necessary details and click on "update property details" when you are finished.
How do I remove my advert?
Simply log in to your account and find the property you wish to remove. Click on "edit". Then click on "Remove this Property".
Can I submit an overseas property?
Yes, but as we cannot give assurance that this website complies with the laws of any countries other than England & Wales, you do so at your own risk. We recommend that you seek foreign legal advice prior to putting your foreign property up for sale.
Does my property need a Home Information Pack (HIP)?
Home Information Packs (HIPs) are no longer compulsory for all properties being sold at auction. You will require an EPC, and before exchanging contracts you will need to supply buyers with a legal pack.

If you would like us to order you either of these for you, then contact us and we will arrange it for you.
How do I display photos with my property details?
If you have already scanned the photos into your computer:

When submitting your property, you are given the option of adding up to 4 photos to your advert. Simply click on the "upload" option, then "browse" your computer for the photos you want. Double click on the photo file and it will automatically be selected for uploading. Photo 1 should be the best image of your property as this is the one that will be displayed in the search results.

NB: Photo images must be in the .JPG format. JPG/JPEG is the standard format for photos.

If you do not have the facility to scan photos:

If you only have printed photos of your property and do not have the facilities to scan a photo onto your computer, then you can post your photos (include a covering letter) to the address below and we will scan and add them to your property advert. (Please note there is an additional fee of £10 per photo for this service). Should you wish your photos to be returned to you we ask that you enclose a stamped-addressed envelope (SAE).

Our address is:

3 Belgrave Gardens
St Johns Wood
London NW8 0QY
Can I change the photos displayed in my advert?
Yes. You can log in to your account and "edit" property details at any time (except for a property in the middle of an auction - they can not be edited once the auction has commenced).
I am having problems uploading a photo to my advert.
This may be because your photo file size is not a JPG file, or is too large. Check the size of the photo by locating it on your computer, right-clicking on the image and selecting "Properties".

If your photo is bigger than 100k (100,000 bytes) our system will reject it. This restriction exists because if your photo is too large, it will take too long to download and would reduce the number of people who see your property. To reduce your image size, please try the following:

1. Within your imaging software such as Paint, Photoshop, PaintShop etc, open up your saved image file.
2. Go to the help option on the tool bar.
3. Within the help option you should be able to search for "pixels".
4. The results of the search should list how to resize in pixels. If your photo is larger than 800x600 pixels, try resizing it to 800 pixels on the longest length, remembering to keep the proportions (there should be a checkbox option to keep proportions). Also, you can try cropping your photo to remove any unnecessary borders - this will also reduce the file size.
5. Save your new image into a folder/memorable location on disc or your PC.
6. Try and now upload the new image.

If you are still having problems, please contact us.
I've uploaded my photos - Why are they not showing with my advert?
We manually check every photo that is uploaded before turning it live. Please allow one/two working days for photos to appear with your advert.

If we feel that the photo/s you have sent is either inappropriate or not of a very good quality, we may publish your advert without the photo and request a new one from you.
How does the log in process work?
You can either log in on the home page as soon as you enter the website or you can wait to be prompted. If you do not wish to log in every time and you are confident that no-one else will use your pc or laptop, then you can click the "remember me" box. This means that the next time you visit, you will not have to log in.
My e-mail address has changed. Can I still log in?
Yes. Simply login with your old e-mail address. This is your username. You can then alter all your details once you are logged in by going to "My Account" and selecting the appropriate options.
I've forgotten my password
If you ever forget your password, you can click on the "Forgotten Your Password?" button. You will be emailed a new password. You can then log in and change it to something more memorable.
Are my log in details case-sensitive?
Yes. Be careful to use the same casing that you used when you first registered.
I'm having problems logging in
The site makes use of Cookies and JavaScript, and you will not be able to use the site's full features if these are disabled in your browser.
You may find the following web pages useful:

How to Enable Cookies
How to Enable JavaScript

How do the auctions work?
A full explanation is available on our website.
When do auctions start?
Auctions start at 10am and close at 8pm on the day specified by the seller and published on the website.
Are there set viewing times?
No. Sellers carry out there own viewings at mutually convenient times. Simply use the contact details published with each property and liaise directly with the seller.
Can I make an offer prior to the auction?
Yes. You have the seller's details - you can therefore make them an offer before the auction if you wish.
As a seller, what happens if I want to insist on a longer completion period than 20 working days?
This is fine - it just needs to be clearly published in the Additional Notes box within the appropriate property's details. It will then form part of the Special Conditions of Sale for the property. The standard completion date is 20 working days (as stated in the Common Auction Conditions) in the absence of any other timescale being clearly stated by the seller but as long as all potential bidders are fully aware of the alteration, the seller can choose a shorter or longer completion date if they so wish.
I've listed my property and had some good interest. Should I still auction it or negotiate with the interested parties?
First of all, you do not have to auction the property - if you receive a wonderful offer privately then you are free to withdraw the property from auction any time before it commences and sell to the offeror privately. Once the auction has started, it can no longer be withdrawn. However consider the following points:

By its very nature, the auction process will achieve you the highest possible price. Bidders will, more often than not, bid more in an auction environment (in order to secure the property from other bidders) than they would if they were offering you face to face.

Also, once you've put the property up for auction and set the auction date, you no longer have to deal with the stress of trying to get the most money out of people. Simply let them know the auction date and let them bid for it in open competition. This way, you will not be bombarded with lots of varying offers and trying to decide if you should hold out for a higher offer. You will also have the peace of mind that a sale will occur on the day you choose, rather than the unpredictable and often much delayed timescales of a private treaty purchase.
I want to bid on an auction property, what do I do?
I have feedback or another question not covered here.
Please contact us or call us on 020 7625 9007 (during office hours).