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"Excellent web site and a great idea. I have recently sold my house through an estate agent and it was a really drawn out and traumatic experience. I agree with your notion that I could have done most of the work myself and with hindsight it's just a shame that this website wasn't available to me when I needed it" - Mr Abbey, Cambridge

"This website appears to get over the constant and extraordinarily irritating problems of gazumping and gazundering, plus also cuts out the cost of the estate agent. Do the rest of the UK and Gordon Brown (I think this is the idea he has been trying to come up with for a long time) a big favour and forward this on the anyone you know that you think might be buying or selling property in the UK in the near future." - Charlie Reading, Brentford

"I can't believe what good value this website is. The cheapest website I could find until now was 60. This is cheaper and has more options for people with property to sell" - Tara, Tooting Bec

"I hate estate agents and am SO glad that you and others have started to create websites for property owners to sell their properties on without the huge % cut that estate agents get. I think websites such as will become much more popular in the next 5 years. Good luck with your new business. Helen." - H McGrath

"Great web site. Good graphics. Laid out very well." - Mr Gaskell, Lancashire

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